Grinding frost emblems for bear gear is at an end

Last week my grinding of frost emblems is at an end at last. I got the 50 badges for the stamina tanking trinket at last and thus finsihed my grinding for bear gear.

In other words, I bought:

  • ilvl 264  – Belt
  • ilvl 264  – Gloves
  • ilvl 264 – Back
  • ilvl 251 – T10 Shoulders
  • ilvl 251 – T10 Helm
  • ilvl 264 – Trinket

Time to look at cat gear now then…   hmm where to begin


Skill > gear, but gear is needed too

Was very disappointed yesterday as I pugged ICC 10 lower spire with a rather ok geared pug. The players had a gearscore at about 5050-5400 and that should, on paper, be quite enough for the lower spire in my opinion.

But the three healers had problems healing, and with three healers instead of two nobody should die from bladestorm and such as I see it. But the biggest problem was the lack of good dps. With only 5 dps we couldn’t handle the adds on Lady Deathwhisper and after 4 wipes I prioritized other stuff than wow and logged off.

Bah! Very frustrating.

On a more uplifting subject, the Mind Flayers guild have recieved a few (1-2) new players as a old work colleague and his wife has transfered server and faction to join us. A warrior and a priest. This will probably make it a lot easier to get people to enlist for the raids and hopefully we can get raids going both more often (perhaps not really needed) and on time. Good with a few more options on tanks and healers as well.

Toskks Maximized BiS Bracers won

Did a pug ICC 25 the other day.

I main tanked the lower spire and was awarded the BiS bracers from Saurfang.

The RL/ML was a rogue and I was a little worried that there would be some sort of discussion regarding my right to the gear. But he was from one of the more prominent guilds on the server so I wasnt overly wooried. Cred to him, he looted the gear to me w/o discussion even if he was the one who lost.

My gear is now very to close to as good as it can be as I bought the T10 helm and got a pair of non-tier ilvl51 leggings of Festergut the last guild run.

Mind Flayers downed Rotface

On saturday our guild downed Rotface at last.

We first downed the weekly malygos on eight players for some emblems and the achievement before heading to ICC for a late start (about 22:30) with the aid of two pug players. One 5100 gs alt (shammy enhanc./resto)  to a competent heroic mode ICC player and a random 4950 gs shadow priest.

No clinical kills this week either, but one shots of all lower spire bosses as well as festergut. Fielding duo druids gives a raid some room for failure as combat rezzes are quite powerful tools when hickups occur. 🙂

We then had a very good 1st try on Rotface but wiping on about 40% or something on some obscure reason when the blob tank died for some reason.

Just as we stood ready for our 2nd pull on Rotface we noticed that our mage had used invisibility to save some repair costs on the wipe a few minutes earlier he had manage to have gotten both the orange and green slime stains and thus elegible for completion of the weekly ICC raid quest which did consist of “one-shotting” either festergut or rotface after each other.  When the mage talked to the quest giver NPC the whole raid got the quest completed and was awarded five extra emblems and one was lucky enough to gain the ilvl264 plate dps shoulders that were given to our retribution pala “for dkp”.

On the fourth (or fifth) try when then downed Rotface with a two tank (warr + pala) and two healer (druid + shammy) strategy. The loot was a bit booring though as it went to off spec and even to our pug guest dps.

We now need to decide on where to head on the next raid into ICC. Should we go for Putricide who seems to be very hard, at least if you look at the success rate on the top guilds  in the the heroic ICC race. Perhaps it will be easier to go for any of the other wings instead.

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