3.0.8 = Feral druid love

I must admit I was scared, real scared regarding how the newest patch would affect me and my feral tanking prowess.

I read some blue post ages ago that proclaimed that armor changes was planned and that druids around the world should not put too much energy in getting the imba armor items that was available. Sure I was glad when the Offering drop for me as I did Drak (or was it Gundrak) the first time  in HC. I got my neck (willis) from Halls of Stone, got my staff from Utgarde Keep etc etc…   I didn’t hunt these specific items, they just dropped one after another as my guildies and I slowly did grind our way thru all the heroics during the Christmas holidays in order to collect our badges.

A few weeks prior to the patch I saw that I had 33900 armor in bearform with my tanking gear with about 35k HPs. Fairly low dodge though. I noticed that I in now way was unkillable and healers (both guildies and different puggers) unfortunately let me die in various heroics.  If that happened even before my armor gear got nerfed, would I be able to tank at all when that patch went live? Brrrr, scary thoughts. I was seriously concerned that Blizzard would put the new armor value on my toon a lot lower.

Happily did I notice when I logged on last wednesday that my armor value in bearform didn’t drop due to the new patch, to my surprise it had even been raised by a few hundreds. Not to speak of the boost I had got as cat, donning my cat gear I now sport tank like numbers when I change form to bear. Our tank in a HC yesterday died in  a boss encounter and I switched forms and tanked him easily for the remainder of the encounter. I tanked a HC VH the day before that and forgot to switch gear. My healer didn’t even notice it until I saw it myself at wave 17. 

I’m wonder if this will be nerfed further on.I guess feral pvp got some serious love it much needed due to these armor changes. 

I must admit that I’m a bit worried about how the new armor calculation will affect druid bear scaling armorwise. But I guess it’s a long time until I will be affected by that as the casual bear tank I am.

/a happy druid


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