Casual PVE raiding for me at last

Our little guild, that soley consist of IRL friends, raided for the first time yesterday (if you disregard that we downed the boss in VoA a couple of times).

As the, even more, casual players of the guild now recently turned 80 we have turned our focus on Naxx and Obsidian Sanctum. Yesterday was our first attempt on PVE raiding. It was not a escpicially well planed raid, we started at 21:30 and most of the players hadn’t read the tactics etc.

Nevertheless, it was a HUGE sucess.
We one shotted the Obsidian Sanctum drake (all adds killed) in  a fairly secure way. No one died but it sure was rather chaotic at times. We then proceeded to Naxx and quickly downed the first two bosses in spider wing (both one shotted as well) before it was bed time for most. We cleared to the last boss on 7 players (only one healer) and wiped there once just to see how the boss fight went. All were of course happy.

Our raid setup was something like this:
Main tank – Warrior (tanked spider boss #2)
Main tank – my Druid (tanked Sapphirion as well as spider boss #1)
Healers: Priest + Druid
DPS: Pally+ Hunter + Mage + Rogue + 2 Shammys (enhancement & elemental)

This sure looks promising. I cant wait to try on Naxx once more 🙂


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