bah, I have had enough…

WoW sucks right now.

Not because of content, or class imbalances or anything else. It sucks ’cause I get 0,8 fps whilst participating in 25man content. I dont know if it’s due to addons or if my computer is just downright too old. 750 ram isnt helping, but the motherboard isnt allowing more and Im kind of stuck with the graphicscard I have. I already play with minimal video settings as well as low resolution and everything.

So at last I did it.
I took some of my savings together with the money I got on my birthday recently and ordered a new computer in a web store.
Antec 900 chassi, Intel core 2 duo e8500, geforce 260, 4GB ram and a velociRaptor as system disk.

Cant wait to try it out, I think I will get it as fast as next week already.


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