Various fun stuff

I opened up my wallet the other day IRL, yesterday it was time in game. I bought myself a Kirin Tor ring to tank with, 6800 gold, perhaps not a bargain but I really wanted the extra teleport. As my Auction House business has gone rather well since I started with jewelcrafting I thought that some of my 14k gold was better used to up my gear somewhat.

I tried to solo Zul Gurub but the opposition was a bit too tough. Sure I have rev–> exalted left and I would really like at least one of the mounts. The killing of mobs were a bit too slow when soloing. I will probably hook up with someone the next time in order to speed thing up a bit. I killed High Priest Thekal on the second try and wiped thrice on Bloodlord Mandokir. I also wiped twice on trash as the axe throwers use a wicked stun very frequently during I take too much damage.

Killing Thekal was quite fun. Here are some pointers;

  • As always buff up with some food, perhaps pots and some hots running as you engage
  • Use Feral Charge and Bash to interupt the priest when he casts his greater heals. If he is able to fire one or two heals the whole thing will probably collapse in the end.
  • Use Demo roar and barkskin as much as possible
  • Either use your Frenzied regen as fast as possible to get two (you will probably down him around 3 – 4 mins) or use it for maximum effect once.
  • Use beserk in order to kill all three at the same time in phase 1 for maximum damage and usefulness.
  • Unsure if shifting and using abolish poison could be useful or not
  • Unsure if it’s possible to shift and heal some or if that is a losing strat

As I said, the next time I will probably hook up with another druid or rogue to stealth the bosses and take a shot at the Attuman in Karazhan as well when we are in the vincinity.


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