First raid into Naxx

On Saturday evening our small guild ventured into Naxxramas for the first time for a full raid. Unfortanly Many were ill prepared for the challenge. No consumables fixed and no or badly updated add ons. 20 min after our planned start time the first pull was made and then it rolled on in a fairly nice way.

A few wipes (especially on the Heigan encounter) but more or less a very good run. Remember that this was new boss encounters for many. Only a few of us had experienced the content before and only some had read strat guides etc. The wowwebsteats for the raid can be found  here. When the dust had settled a few hours later we closed down three of the four wings and I think that was quite OK all things considered.

A little bit of guild drama before the raid as our main tank no longer wants to play his warrior but thinks he have more fun on his retri paladin. A mage changed main as well and logged onto his warrior who main tanked the better part together with me. 

For me the most fun encounters was the Heigan dance as well as Thaddius with his two adds, the kite tanking of Grobbulus.

Gearwise nothing special dropped that I was glad for but I got a pair of dps-boots without hit rating and two pieces of off spec healing gear.

I cant wait to lead our few raiders once more into Naxx……


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