4 wings down

Our second raid into Naxx closed down military quarter as well. All four wings cleared and two quick attempts on the icy drake before everyone went to bed. Wowwebstats are up here. Our usually best healer was on a date and we were forced to re-spec an enhancement shammy who donned his old sunwell lvl 70 gear.  In other words it was not the best raid we could muster. First pull was almost 30 min late due to respeccing as well as late arrivals and unprepared people. Let’s sat that there are room for improvements to say the least.

One happy druid logged off after the raid as the tanking staff (Staff of the Plague Beast) dropped of Heigan. I got some off spec healing gear as well as the tier 7 shoulders.

The raid itself is more or less carried by our hunter who are the only one of the dps that carries his weight IMO. Many of the dps will have to step up a notch on their game in order to take down the final two bosses with easy. Im not that worried tankwise or on the healing side, but there is too much slack in the dps department right now.

These first two raids into Naxx included new players on both runs which lead to a lot of time was sunk into talk about tactics and such. Hopefully we can focus more on clearing the content next time we venture into Naxx. And I hope it will be soon…


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