Naxx cleared

We downed KT and the wimpy forst drake before him on our third raid 🙂 The wowwebstats are up here.

We started at the appointed time and rolled on fairly well and closed the wings one after one in a quick manner. A few irritating wipes but nuthing that could quickly two shot. Patchwerk went down in record time and several bosses went really smooth. Heigan and Sapphirion for example was easily one shotted.

Sapphirion was tanked by me in cat gear and the polar frost res items as the tank was caught in the first frost bomb. We had ordered everyone to get frost resistance gear and almost everyone had fixed their 3 armor type items as well as the ring so our two healers had an easy time raid heal in the fight.

We two shotted KT himself  and I was awarded the cat dps staff. 3 raids and my little druid has both the tanking staff as well as the dps staff. I still need several T7 items though and hopefully I will get leggings or chest (I have greedily not spent any emblems for it yet) or perhaps even the head on our next run that perhaps will be on its way on friday.

After Naxx was cleared we headed to coldarra and wiped a few times on Malygos. We were not even close to phase 2 😦 There are quite much room for improvements on this encounter.


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