Bugged Naxx cleared in two days

Thaddius bugged for us on last fridays raid.

Just as his twin guardians were downed some sort of tesla overload wiped both sides for us and after the corpse run the guardians hadn’t reset. We waited for about 15 min whilst writing a ticket to a GM and trying to awaken the stoned Thaddius to no avail. We headed to Military quarter instead but after clearing the four horsemen and returning to Thaddius it all looked the same. 😦

We dispanded and went, frustaded, to bed.

It was a quite sucky raid all the way to be honest.  It was not one of the better raid setups we could muster. We had to respec one retri pally to tank, gearwise not much of a problem but he was not up to date on the tactics from a tank perspective. The biggest loss was losing a 3k+ dps retri and gaining a greengeared 1k mage with no voice comm. A number of players among us did a rather bleak performance and I was quite fed up with the whole thing the day after.

Against all odds we managed to form a raid on monday evening with a much better rais setup, our warrior MT was back and we quickly downed Thaddius (who had reset during a soft server reset) as well as Sarthirion (everyone at 400+ frost resistance helps a lot) and managed to down KT as well on the 2nd try.

Some quite sloppy kills where I as a tank specced and tank glyphed cat manage to place myself high on the dps charts. Booooh to our dps players who isn’t stepping up the challange quite yet.

The KT fights were rather ugly as well and our two healers needs to be a litter better on handling the fast reactive healing of Frost Bombs to satisfy my liking. Im not sure if both of the (if we should continue with only 2 healers when dual spec is launched) are using UIs that easily shows when someone is affected by frost bombs.

I missed my roll of T7 head to my druid healing friend with 68 to 71. Baah 😦 Better luck next time….

The wowwebstats Day 1 and Day 2


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