“We need a better geared tank”

Twice I have been kicked out of PUGs so far as I enlisted as a feral tank.

Once in VH before we even started the instance. A rogue inspected me and started to whine that my gear sucked and that they should get a better tank. The resto druid agreed that it wasnt going to work. I was stunned. I didnt know what they where talking about. Then it hit me. I didnt have any defence on my gear… I linked my talent that made me immune to crits but they were still not sure. They though I kind of sucked as I where trying to tank in frost resistance gear. I tried to convince them that the polar set was more or less best in slot (defence wise) for a feral tank. At last they agreed that we could try to take on the instance. No wipe, no problems and we managed quite easy to defeat the bosses.

The second time was in Old Kingdom where the healer (a resto druid) couldn’t keep me alive in a four pull. “Your gear suck”, “you only have 6 in defence, lol noob”. I tried to argue my point once more but to no avail.  They marched out of the instance and disbanded to reform with some other tank. Bah, not that I would have liked to tank for those players anyway. But that is beside the point. I linked my talents and tried to explain that my gear did suck ( at that time I remember that I had collected about 120 badges as tank). I was fuming for the lack of understanding for my class etc..

A day later I got a in game mail from the resto druid that kicked me from the Old Kingdom PUG. He had surfed the forums and had checked up on feral stuff and asked forgivness for his rude manners and his ignorence the other day. That warmed a lot.


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