3.1 brainstorming

3.1 is upcoming quite soon and I have a hard time deciding how I will adapt to it.

Tanking is severly revamped and people on the PTR are quite negative about how the new druid tanking mechanics effect the viability of a druid tank in hard mode end game. Not that I ever will be participating in any hard mode encounters in the near future.

One thing for sure, I will gladly don my healing leathers once more and start pugging as a healer. Tree ftw.  My future talents wíll most likely look like this as Resto. When choosing glyphs I will most probably get a Swiftmend, Lifebloom and Nourish. The Nourish could be replaced by a Innervate or even Wild Growth but as a PUG raid healer I think I will choose something that enables more MT healing effectivness as there more or less is no healing assignments divided in PUGs. 

Another bright side of the 3.1 is the coming of Arena season 6 and the shifting of epic PVP leather. I will most probably be able to purchase season 5 epics for honor and I still have my 75k honor saved since last autumn. The healing in PVP has some serious mana problems and apperantly you still cant stand still and heal thru the damage as other healers has a chance to do even in the buffed treeform with barkskin an all so I guess Ill give it a try as feral in the BGs. Lots of achievements to earn as well as a fairly fun pastime. Im quite unsure how I will specc my talents in order to play as feral in PVP and how that will effect my usefulness in PVE as feral tank.

This is one Feral PVE talent specc I think I would have used if I would focus on solely PVE. But how would should my Feral PVP is not something I have dwelled much upon, but I think it would work quite well tankwise but my dps will drop if Im unable to keep rend and tear as well as the new dot crit talent. Maul damages goes down quite much as well as tank but are mitigated some with the Master Shapeshifter talent giving an overall bear damage buff.

I will have to give it some serious thoughs about how my Feral talent build should look like… perhaps something like this… expriment Feral PVP build


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    […] April 14, 2009 at 08:27 (World of Warcraft) I continue with the problematics I stated i a earlier post.  https://yrkoonia.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/31-brainstorming/ […]

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