Tanking VoA

Either it is Normal or Heroic Vault of Acheron chances are that you’ll team up with a complete noob to how to tank this properly.

This happend me yesterday…
Me and a warrrior should tank in a normal pug.
I whisper him before the boss fight.
 “/w noobwarrior – Taunt him off me as often as possible to make sure we are on top in threat”
“:p np Dont worry, I know what to do”
The fight initiates and the warrior dont show any sign of trying to get aggro (he sits fourth on my omen threat window)
I gets grabbed a minute into the fight, a warlock gets instakilled before the warrior reactivly taunts
When I get back, I taunt and start to gain threat on the dps once more, gets grabbed, and the warrior once more taunts.
We do manage to down the boss, but not thanx to the warrior noob who said he knew what to do…  bah!
And I had donned my stamina set and dont generate tons of threat in it, so it was quite frustrating to see all gained threat drop down for each grab to the dps level…


Here are some pointers:

  1. Tanks should be top 2 on threat at all times!!! Taunt off each other often to make sure the first dps is far behind in threat.
     Do not wait for the grabbing to reactivly taunt. Dont open up for the possibility for a taunt resist or slow reactions, ’cause then people will die.
  2. Positioning, espcially important in a heroic run as the clouds cause quite a lot damage to melee.
     Back Acheron away from his clouds, dont force melee to stand near or in the cloud. 

Have I mentioned that I have played about 10 each of the normal and heroic VoAs and I have yet only been able to roll once on any PVPgear (I lost) and never have any feral PVE items dropped. I have seen about three healing PVE items drop but left them to main specced healers…  bah, when will I ever see some loot love coming my way in this instance.


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