Druid original design

I stumbled onto something at MMO Champion the other day, their blue-tracker had found some blizzard official exclamation regarding Druid and their roles in raids

Druid original design
I understand what you’re trying to say with that last part, but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works. (

My initial thoughts about this is… What a bunch of crap !!!  There have never been any official design statement of like sorts. That is one of the most hair raising after constructions I have seen. They have failed year after year in their design and now they try to get away with it whilst calling it a planned design.

I have played my druid a long time now, and I have really wanted them to state something like the above and then take my decision on how I should spec or with which character I should play. As nothing has been said more that than all classes and specs should be viable. There was something written (dunno if it still stands) on blizzards official site regarding how the druid could be seen as powerful in each of its forms as their counterparts  but not as versatile as the pure classes.

I have stuck with my druid. I have been quite irritated by the shortcomings of my class for a long time and when they from time to time has nerfed druids without any good explanation I have been fuming. As powerful as the pure counterparts apparently was not being able to raid with the same strength.

If they somewhere down the road stated the obvious that now are said I would have save me a lot of headache.
Bah! f*#%ing blizzard


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