6 drops of loot in one Naxx run

On saturday we cleared Naxx once more. We put a raid together without our best healer as our switcher paladin respecced to holy (on the last three raids he have been retri, prot and now holy).  We started a bit late, but that was more or less according to plan.

Great performance from our new holy paladin healer as well as from our mage who upped his dps drastically since last time. 3 somewhat undergeared (or underskilled) players has a long way to go in order to catch up with the standards from what we should expect. The hunter got 5 (!) gear upgrades and hopefully he will perform a bit better next time at least.

It was a great night for med gear wise! Early I looted a feral chest and a pair of feral leggings and later I picked up a spell power head. But the most fun was the T7 leggings, the questitem from sapphirion as well as the T7 head from KT himself. Now I have a full T7 set if I buy the chest with heroic badges, the problem is that Im unsure how to use the set. Tanking wise im quite unsure how I should use the items, how should i enchant and socket… or should I not use them for tanking at all and use them as cat, or use them for healing…  aaarghhhh

Wowwebstats are up.


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