Full T7 feral set

I finally bought the different T7-items form drops and bagdes as I got the head drop for KT the other day.

Wow, how hard was it not to socket and enchant the new stuff.

Should I go all bear, should I go hybrid for some cat love.. should I favor stamina or agility or even strength…

Aaaaarrrggghhhh… the headache

As my final decisions were made I now have 39k HPs, 33k armor and 39.5% dodge when buffed with MoTW, PW:Fort and BoK. I think I will generate some awsome threat in this new gear as I did favor some cat enchants at some slots (head for instance is 21agi +3%crit metagem as well as the +50ap +20crit arcanum)

The healers will have some troubles keeping me alive though 🙂


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