Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Last night our little guild tried to take on Malygos for the second time.

Last time we had problems getting to phase 2, now we nailed that part fairly well and got to phase 3 on several occasions and on the 11:th try we defeated the measly lizard. Loot kind of sucked, at least our mage got a nifty staff and two of us was awarded the quest neck from Saphirion (me included)

Time to put my old Cenarius title on the shelf for a short while and strut around with the Champion of the frozen wastes title a bit 🙂
I pugged a Sarth +1D the other day with success and on a quick glimpse my character seems quite well renowned at the moment.

The wowwebstats are up here
It dont show, but my drake pet ended up 2nd on damage done with a very close margin to the top scorer (Alduin).
First time ever that PVE performance isnt won by our raiding hunter pro.


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