More 3.1 brainstorming

I continue with the problematics I stated i a earlier post.

I have done some studying and I cant decide on how to spec my feral PVE MT/OT build. Eaerlier I stated I would spec like this: wowhead talent link, but I have a hard time dropping infected wounds that feels essential to any MT tanking build…  aaargh!  I guess I will have to drop some sort of cat talents once more. 😦

The biggest problem is that a tank/healer duo-spec isnt the best solution whilst raiding (at least on our small 10 man guild). It feels like you will never drop a healer and add a tank and vice verse. A switch from healer to dps or tank to dps feels much more warranted. The problem is that we already have a resto druid in our raid setup and I dont want to muscle in on his territory and gear wise it sucks to share loot tables as well. The best thing would probably be to drop the healing spec all together, but the biggest problem with that is that I dont want to. I want to heal !!! (at least in pug etc)

I will most probably drop Predatory Instincts in favor of Infected Wounds and thus ending with something kine this: wowhead talent calculator

If I choose to spec feral cat as my dual spec it will look like this: wowhead talent calculator


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