Dual Feral specs and other 3.1 stuff

I went dual feral on my two specs. On MT-feral with all the bear talents (except the feral agression (imp. roar at tier 1)) and on cat-feral with no bear talents and master shapeshifter and predatory instincts instead. On the downside of threat I decided to dump the imp. mangle on my bear spec, kept shredding attacks though to support my extensive use of lacerate.

Im very excited to test my feral cat dps now in a raid environment. Hope to pug naxx 25 for a try at Pacthwerk someday, that would be cool.

I pugged the new boss in VoA the other day but our healers kinda of sucked´and we wiped fairly early in the battle (even before any add overloading) and the the MT Death Knight as well as the Pally healer raidleader DC. Huh, such accidents dont happen… 2-3 wipes on new content in a pug and people log off. Bah!

I made a quick run of Mandokir in Zul Gurub to check out how well my new Savage Defence ability would work on old low level content. Lol, imba OP. Didnt even need to drop out and heal. One Frenzied Regeneration was enough to get him down nowadays. No mount though…


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