Ulduar, 1st run, Semi-failure

Our little guild headed into the Ulduar on last friday.

It was a rather poor performance over all. Guys not on time, not fully respecced since the patch had wiped all talents, addons not up to date. ūüė¶

We started late an slowly cleared trash up to the Flame Levithan and engaged after a rather weak tactics breakdown. We got owned, we hadnt cleared ANY towers and wiped very fast. We went back and cleared 2 towers and wiped once more, cleared all towers and wiped several times again. We got better though and downed him at last. Nuthing dropped that I were interested (plate and caster hat) and we moved on.

Sidenote on flame levithan strategy. We didnt use that catapults and attacked the boss by ourselves. Everyone stayed in their vehicles.

XT-002 Deconstructor next… wipe, wipe, wipe… etc

It didnt go well. We wiped about 2 hours until the trash respawned and then left ulduar for a late Malygos attempt. I would say that it was the (raid-) healing that was the biggest issue. People was a bit slow on reacting to the light bombs and when the tantrums hit, our three healers often was too stressed to keep everyone alive. We raided with the following set up: Prot War + Feral Bear (me), Tree, Holy Priest, Holy Pala and five dps: 2x hunters, rogue, mage and ele shammy.

As someone often died in the tantrums, the dps lacked to keep adds away or to beat the enrage timer. We had him down to 34% as best (just as the enrage timer hit)

Better reactions on the light bombs and better healing performance is needed next time, only then will we know if the dps is up to par to handle the adds or the enrage timer.

Luckily (or call it skill) we went and oneshotted¬†Malygos.¬†I went cat and had best dps but only finished 2nd in overall damage as a hunter was able to shoot the drake more in the air phases and such. A death to me in phase¬†2 was not optimal either but after¬†a combat rez and carried on a won the phase 3 dps by clicking my no-skill-macro. ūüôā


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