4.6k dps as a sloppy cat @ Sarth +0D

Joined a 25 man pug yesterday for the first time as cat since 3.1 and the dual spec love we where given.

Check out this wowwebstats

4.6k dps is not bad for pure single target dps in a fight that includes a bit more (not much though) movement and awareness than Patchwerk.

This was done without any flask or elixir buffs or food buffs. I had kings, might and horn etc though,

I had help of a trauma warrior though, so I didnt need to apply mangle myself, and perhaps should have used a shred glyph instead of my mangle glyph.

I feel that I now have a realistic goal of getting 5k dps in a heroic raid environment, that would be great in my tier 7.0 gear.

/Happy Kitten 🙂


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