First 4 bosses in Ulduar cleared

It was not a great raid. In fact it was a rather bad raid with lot of irritation and such.

But in the end we downed Flame Levithan on the first try and after several wipes also downed the XT-002 Deconstructor.

After that we turned back and tried Razorscale which was defeated as fast as on our second try which felt great for new boss.

Then we headed to Ignis, and after wiping and semi-wiping on the trash we also won versus him.  At least we downed him on the first night trying him.

Then we wiped a few times on trash on the way to Kologarn and follow up with a few wipes on the fat giant as well before calling it for the night.

I cant say that our raiding progress in Ulduar is a success but at least we show some sort of progress. It’s clear that it’s not as forgiving as Naxx and such. A failure from someone and it often spell wipe in the end as enrage timers etc cant be beaten. It’s clear that almost all of us are making mistakes in some manner.

Nut my reflection so far in Ulduar is that we are a bit lacking in the healing department. No offence, but as we field a holy priest without almost no real raiding experience besides our Naxx adventures in WotLK as well as a few Karazhan in TBC and resto druid who hasn’t raided since vanilla wow and a new fresh holy paladin with almost no healing experience what so ever I feel that they are not carrying their own as a team. I would feel much better if they together handled the healing, but they seem a bit to shy to fix it.

Our next raid in Ulduar will probably head for Kologarn as fast and straight as possible.


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