Loremaster Yrkoonia

It took about a week of dropping dailys and other some PUGing  and returning to the old vanilla WoW world in order to fix the missing  ~200 quests in Kalimdor and Eastern Lands. It was quite easy. I hadn’t done any quests in Brill and missed quite a few in Silverpine and after that I headed to Silverymoon starting area and almost cleared that area. Orc/Troll starting area as well as Razor Hill gained a bunch of quests and then Ashenvale and at last I cleared Duskwallow Marsch which had gained a lot of new quests since I quested there in mid 30 level range. Other than that I only made a few odd quests I picked up in captial cities.

I had a handful of quest left in Icecrown and I had about 60 (of 75) quests left in Grizzly Hills. That was quickly finished in about two evenings and I I had a new fancy title 🙂

I then realized that I was fairly close to 5000 achievement points and racked up a few simple general ones (getting pets, mounts as well as the /love and pest killing ones) and late sunday I broke the 5k point mark.

I started on my Argent Tournament daily questing as well.

A nice bonus in fixing much of the old quests is all the rep you gain with your capital cities. Im exalted now with Orgimmar, Undercity as well as Darkspear Trolls. Im about 17k/21k with Thunder Bluff but that will be fixed some Argent jousting. Im getting quite close to Ambassador Yrkoonia 🙂


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