8 manned Naxx and OS

We couldn’t get a raid to ulduar going last weekend and ended up doing OS and Naxx on 8 man.  The achievements The Dedicated Few and Less is More was ours. We took in two extra non-guildies for the 4 horse men but all in all it was quite successful. The boss that meant the most problem for us was Gluth and the Zombia Chow kiting that was a bit trickier on fewer players as we usually use a hunter and shammy as kiters. KT himself was rather hard as well, as we now only had 1 ranged dps which led to a hard phase 1.

I have started to do some PVP-grinding with wintergrasp at least once a day etc. When Im finished with the Argent Tournament grind in about two or three weeks time I will start to play some more serious player vs player. Perhaps not any arena play, but I will burn my honor and valor tokens and fix me some proper pvp-gear.

I have a started some a serious attempt at the Chef title as well. Im about 430 cooking now and I have bought all recipies I need and I think I only lack some ingridients and time to grind cooking to 450 and fix all the achievements on the way to Chef Yrkoonia.


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