A small PVP story

I managed to take on mage and rogue duo yesterday. It was about 10-15min after we as horde had won the Wintergrasp. I hade ridden out to finsh my grinding for enchanting breastplates and the daily fishing quest and was returning to the keep when I spot a mage and rogue finshing off a poor warrior. The mage was about 80% health but my ui indicated that he was rather frail so I jumped of my trusted kodo and went into stealth as cat.

The rogue ahead stealthed and the mage started to drink and eat. They hadn’t spotted me and a quickly pounced the mage followed by a mangle and shred before going bear and awaited a stun as I was pretty sure the rogue was quite close. In reality I hadn’t expected to get a full mangle and shred onto the mage before I got cheap shotted, but I guess the rogue was slow or a little bit too far away.

I was rather lucky though as I saw the rogue sneaking onto me, targeted him quickly and droppped him out of stealth with a bear mangle before het even attacked. I now was frost nova’d and in melee with a rogue as the mage conjured a water elemental to aid him in his battle. I quickly hit barkskin followed by nature’s grasp and the feral charged the mage and mangle him some more. I was hit by another frost nova and he blinked away and popped a health potion.

Meanwhile the rogue had gotten out of my entangling roots by trinket or cloak or shadows or something else. I put a lacerate onto the rogue as well as FF whilst staying in bear form just re-entering bear to avoid being caught frozen in ice. My health was dropping fast as the mage and his pet was shooting me from afar but I more or less was expecting this and awaited the kidney punch which came at last.

I trinketed fast and feral charged the mage as soon as the cooldown was up, follow up with a bash and quickly entered cat form to finish the mage with two mangles. I got blinded just as the mage died. I was very glad the rogue had been to slow in order to save his team mate. At this point the rogue was at about 75% health and I was at about 50%. He vanished and was able to cheap shot me in cat and I managed to enter bear before the new kidney punch landed. I was going down but hit frenzied regeneration as soon as the stun had wore off.

I was about 15% but gained some health at least even if the wound poison was quite irritated. Followed up with mangle and lacerates quickly saw that I was gaining health on the rogue. He popped evasion at that point and I reapplied barkskin as well as another natures grasp. As soon as he was entangled I ran away a short distance to wait out the evasion whilst casting a quick rejuvenation and pop a endless health potion. He broke my roots somehow and I went bear, hit beserk and almost killed him with a nasty crit on my second mangle.

Then I saw his health starting to jump up and down as I mangle him time after time. I tried to understand what was happening and just as I kill him, I see a priest that arrived to the scene and had been trying to save him with some heals. I quickly went cat with my mere 10% of health and dashed towards him and managed a few attacks with beserk still active.  The priest was poorly geared and played it rather bad as he didn’t even fear or dotted me. He tried to heal through my barrage of mangles and shreds.

As soon as I applied a 5point rip he could not keep up, I was getting ready to maim him, but he even died before I could stun him. I revive the warrior who had fallen prey to the duo’s ambush and he congratulated me to the nice revenge “we” had given them.

I was quite exalted by the nice little skirmish I just experienced. These small little victories can easily make one’s day.



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