Nuthing much happens in WoW these days, PVP & achivements

It’s been real slow in wow the last weeks.

I’ve been working on my Argent Tournament rep grind. Almost finished now, I’ll be exalted with Silvermoon tomorrow and another 2-3 days I’ll be Champion of all home cities. That will gain me a Ambassador title as well as a of Undercity, of Orgrimmar, of SIlvermoon, of Senjin…  a lot of titles, and quite a bit of acheivement points as well.

I have 5420 achivent points now.

I’ve started to PVP some as well. Managed to quickly get a Deadly and Hateful set with honor, WG marks and all my 75 valor tokens.  Not really into the arena, but BGs are quite fun too and easy to spend some off time in.


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