I have PVP’ed these last weeks with my cat-dps-spec. No big deal, but I think I will have to change some in order to step up my game a notch.

Im thinking of ditching my PVE-bear-spec and try out something like this… [ Wowhead talent calc. link ]. I hope that I will be able to tank non-endgame content such as Naxx, OS and VoA with such spec. The few times my non-existing guild head into Ulduar I can respec and switch glyphs, at least under the coming summer months I will probably not participate in any ulduar action anyways.

The downside: I will drop quite much in the dps department, but I feel that shredding isn’t a valid tactic in PVP. I have a hard time finding the backs of people. In some cases it’s due to lag, sometimes it ’cause good players make sure they are facing you etc.. The loss of critable dots is much more annoying as well as the downside of 20% damage increase of maul on bleeding targets.

The upside: Survivability. I will gain survival instincts together with 12% damage reduction in bear form as well as better resistance to fear and stun as well as buffed healing capabilities. I will also gain the maul glyph which is quite nice for bear in battlegrounds. One annoying thing is that I dont have the attack speed and movement debuff talent on my cat spec today, that will be a huge upgrade methinks. And at last better mana efficiancy on changing forms.


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