Not yet Conqurer Yrkoonia…

Vacation time has seriously limited my play time, I did a burst a week back and got my Argent Dawn rep up to exalted at last. I went quite fast after I donned my ol’  rep-gaining trinket and in about 6-8 baron runs or so I was done. No mount though…

I have started to PVP in the battlegrounds more or less as my sole activity now. I have a full hateful/deadly feral set and are halfway of collecting a healer set. When 3,2 comes I will spec PVP feral as well as PVP healer. Hopefully that will gain me the possibility to play pug heroics as either tank, dps or healer. That will maximize my chances of play quite a lot. AlwaysLFG addon ftw.

Bah, WSG honor grind is one slow project 🙂
I have about 12k/21k now and that boilds it down to another 80 wins needed if I can count on getting some flag caps even on losses.
On the upside I have recently gained quite a lot PVP achievements, mostly in WSG, and Im now close to 6000 achievements points.

Im about a week away from my chef’s hat as well and I have about 80 JC tokens in stow for when 3,2 hits. Otherwise I dont do any dailys apart from the PVP quests.


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