Feral upgrades

I used most of my conquest badges and bought myself a new chest piece (58) and now I got 2 set bonus for Nightsong for feral. I also bought the conquest badge legging(39) and got myself teh physical dps leather belt crafted (~3000gold) (death-warmed belt). That is three very potent feral upgrades (usable for me in both cat and bear)

If that wasnt enough I decided to get myself the darkmoon faire trinket with +90 agi. So I bought myself a bunch of adder’s tounge and emptied my reserves of eternal life. A guildie crafted 8 cards for me. Luckily I got 3 Nobles and decided to buy the other five on AH. Total cost for all about 3600 gold, but then I might get something back selling the 5 extra cards of the other decks. Now I eagerly await the next faire.

I now have a total of below 10.000 gold again. But it feels better to use the gold than just hoard it.


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