ToC normal Mind Flayers style

We managed to form a raid that wasnt announced and planned last friday. Suddenly there was 9 people online in our guild and we phoned or warrior MT who hadnt played for 2 months and we headed into ToC for 2 hours of wipes.

We manged to get to 3rd phase twice on the Northrend Beast encounter. Not bad, but not espicially good either.

Why did we wiped ?
Several reasons in my opinion.

  • Undergeared.
    Several players havent gotten a single conquest badge upgrade or crafted any of the Ulduar craftable items that has been attainable for quite some time.
    Most noticable that our MT warrior only have two lvl213 items, the rest Naxx gear and donned a lvl 200 blur helm, our team of healers couldnt keep him alive at times.
  • Lack of overall player skill.
    Too many examples of “dont stand in the fire”… Literally
  • Healers inexperienced
    Too bad, one of our healers likes to play his dps warrior more, and never plays his paladin as healer
  • Raid too spread out or to clustered, let to healing problems
  • Unprepared, lacking flasks etc.

But all in all, im still happy. A raid and a chance to see new content. The guild spirit was quite high and we will raid once more nect friday. It has not been decided yet if we should go to Ulduar or try the ToC once more.


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