Healing ToC as a Tree

I was able to heal two dungeons yesterday with some guildies. That makes the count six encounters I have healed now in WotLK.

I came to a few conclusions after letting people die in the ToC HC run we made. No wipes though, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

  • Change spec somewhat, less pvp talents and take the imp. spirit talent.
  • Refocus somewhat on what Im looking at. My aim;
     – 50% Grid
     – 20% My own positioning (dont stand in fire, keep group in range, LOS)
     – 10% Cooldowns (I must better utilize Wild Growth and Swiftmend)
     – 15% Decursive
     – 05% My castbar, which includes my GCD monitor 
  • Tweak UI to be able to function better as a healer.
    Im thinking of moving my cast bar (that has a GCD monitor attached) closer to Grid where my focus is at 80% of the time when I heal.
    Write some Power Aura script to capture and show healing spell CDs and such
  • Gem gear
  • Enchant gear
  • Grasp the essentials regarding haste vs. crit vs. spell power vs. spirit etc…

After that Im very much more interested in trying out some serious healing once more.


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