Ulduar Progress

My sorrow band of friends in the guild header into Ulduar the other day.

I had specced back to my double feral specc and acted offtank in cat spec/gear and MT in bear gear/specc. It worked quite well, I was more or less 2nd in DPS on both XT-002 as well as Kologarn where I went cat unless there was some adds to quickly tank. Those facts are not flattering to the other dps-classes but at least makes me happy for my own sake. Only our elite hunter manged to beat me, but on the other hand, he outshined everyone with quite a margin.

The whole raid was quite a success. We quickly one-shotted both Falme Levithan and  XT-002 and started to experience new content. We had never down Kologarn before, but he went down after a few tries when our healing team got the hang of the basics. After that we managed to one-shot Aruiyana where I felt more or less felt wasted as I was tied in my bear form trying to off tank the feral defender (which more or less couldnt be tanked). Then we went to Thorim and downed him after a few tries. I was on the gauntlet duty and it felt fairly easy even if we where far from even getting close to hard mode Sif with only a ele shammy and a mage as help in there. When cleared for Freya and downed her after a few wipes there. At last we headed to Miniron and tried him for a few times before calling it a night. We managed to get him to 4th phase on our last try. Next week we will get him, for sure. All in all… SUCCESS!!!

Here are the wowmeteronline stats [ LINK ]

Gearwise I managed to get my hands on a new tanking helm to replace my old, pugged, Hood of Exodus from my only Naxx25. I hadnt bougth the new tier helm for tokens as the Exodus hood was quite good. Apart from that the graphics of the helm makes me look like a freak show  im quite happy.

The best: Progess, 4 new bosses in the same raid. WoW
The worst: People lack of preparation. None of our slackers had taken time to view the youtube clips of the boss fights in order to better prepare.

Hopefully we can raid next friday again. We will most probably save the raid id in order to continue on Mimiron as well as clear the bosses we left behind… Ignis, Razorscale and Iron Council.


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