Mind Flayers raids again

2 raids in just two weeks. ūüôā Nice

We took on the new VOA boss, Koralon, and wiped two hours at Onyxia on 9 players two weeks back and last friday where at it again.

New raid, now with all ten spots filled. This was probably our worst raid setup ever. We are/were missing our best healer and went with two peeps on healing duty (holy priest and paladin). Tank spots was optimal (warrior + me as feral). Six dps spots where filled by a lot of slackers. Our third (2nd!?) best dps was on the bench and our star hunter have ditched his hunter and recently rerolled a warlock who lacks a bit of gear still. We had the following dps fielded; Retri pala and rogue, warlock, clueless hunter and tow mages (one of them clearly undergeared and underskilled) 

We went to Onyxia and wiped too much in my humble opinion. In the end we took her down. We had too much problems to manage P2 in a controlled manner. In fact, we downed here the first time we got to P3 with all people up and not swarmed by adds and whelps. I wont’ dwell too much upon why it went so bad, I will choose the easy way out and blame poor dps!

We than easily cleared VOA and then headed to up to Icecrown and took on the TotC. Northrend Beast went down fairly easy, Lord Jaraxxus (spelling !?) proved a bit more problematic for the healers but went down, to my surprise, in a couple of tries as well. We then quickly wiped about 10 times on Faction Champions and called it a night.

Gearwise it was a total fail for the guild as whole. Onyxia dropped Druid and Shaman headpiece and as we lacked a shaman and I had bought the T9 head two days earlier for triumph badges all we gained was a sidegrade for me. Our skilled mage gained the Azuresong Mageblade at least. Voa dropped more shammy mail, doh! and we had quite a few shammy drops on TotC as well (these luckily could be looted to our pala-healer at least)

All in all. 
We raided at least, but it didnt went that well.


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