Mind Flayers Raid Progress

WOW – Im stunned.

With a better raid setup in comparison with the last raid we had we oneshotted Onyxia and cleared TotC.

It started with  a sloppy Onyxia kill were a lot of people died. But in the end the bitch was taken down. I myself made a mistake in guessing how fast the whelps spawned in P2 and missed to pick them up in the entrance (I was too focused on getting a last 5 point rip onto Onyxia). The bloody whelps managed to kill our top dps warlock before I had picked all up. *blush*

We then went to Icecrown and TotC. We quickly two-shotted Beasts and Lord J and went into an hour of wiping on faction champions. 

The first four or five attempts didnt show and shred of progress at all and people started to despair. But we changed back from three healers to two (our standard setup with priest and pala) and gained a elemental shammy as dps.  We then had a few attempts where we at least got the first target a bit low on hp. Then suddenly he went down and so did champion #2 and #3 etc etc…  A we downed them all. *cheer* Recount showed that our pally healer had switched a bit more to dispelling and that appearantly changed the tide.

We took a break and then went onto quickly clearing VOA and some tactics talk on how to handle the twin valkyrs. We two-shotted them bam, wham, bang… down they went. We where almost stunned with happiness 🙂

Down to Anub’berak (dont even know to to spell his name) and two-shotted him as well. 😀 *whooo hooooooooo, yipeeeee”

We then used the last hour of raid time and cleared up to and past the cat lady in Ulduar.

I didnt get any upgrades but with that progress gained, I dont care 🙂

The main reason to why we managed so well this raid was that we had better dps palyers fielded. Our set up looked like this;
 * Grimjack, MT warrior .
 * me on Yrkoonia, OT feral druid
Healing team:
 * Krusty, holy priest
 * Waros, holy paladin
The DPS:
 * Knutbypastor, destro warlock
 * Hulf, survival hunter
 * Alduin, elemental shammy
 * Flowbam, mage
 * Nxu, retri pala
 * Grafton, weak undergeared and underskilled mage  

In my mind that is one player short of our best set up we can field, and that was appearantly enough…


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