Raid progress

Long time no see.

We have cleared TotC and downed Onyxia with ease several weeks now but progress in Ulduar is still slow. It took us quite a few tries to get down Hodir and last week we managed to down Mimiron as well. We even went back and cleared out Ignis and made a 1st kill on the Iron Council. We have hade our Ulduar raid id open for about 2 months now 🙂

We had 3-4 tries on General Vesax but it felt like it will take quite some time to get our ranged dps to grasp the tactic on how to move and when.

On a personal note I started to buy some cat gear and pugged as feral dps in some 25 man normal TotC. It have gone quite ok, but nothing extra ordinary. I recently bought the 45 token shoulders as well as the 30 token dps ring and upgrades my weapon to Twin’s Pact that I got on a pug 25 TotC a few weeks back.



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