Mind Flayers ICC progress (3/4)

We managed to field yet another raid with my guild last weekend and we almost bested the whole of ICCs first wing.

We were only 9 players from the beginning and started with the weekly raid quest and followed up with a onyxia wipe (!?) before she went down and we at last were 10 players online.

Lord Morrowgar went down much more easily this week after the nerf they did to his tank damage and we downed him in 2 tries.

Our setup for this raid was a bit more balanced in the ranged/melee department then our first run which led to Lady Deathwhipser went down in two tries which led to much joy and as a extra bonus most of our gang gained friendly and a new ring as well.

The Gunship was a fun and exhilirating fight. I was on tank duty on our ship and picked up space marines with easy, swipe ftw. Our MT on the other hand had a hard time staying alive when boarding the other ship. We did some errors with the order jumping on, but mostly jumping back to our ship and quite a few times our (2) healers couldnt keep our warriror alive when he tried to tank the captain on the other ship for any lengths.  But in the end we prevailed and downed the ship

I must say that we had a few real good tries on Deathbringer Saurfang (our best was about 18%) as well even it is a bit hard to figure out how much harder the last 15% will be as the strain on healers rise quite much as time passes by. If they let someone die the bossed gain a health chunk of HPs back (~+5%) so whenever someone dies it felt like that try was in vain.

But in the end it felt really good do be able to “almost” clear all contents so quicky after a release of new content. The Mind Flayers have never been this good, or content has never been easier… or something in between. 🙂

On a side note I can mentioned that we now record our raid with the headcount addon and upload the raid loot and attendance to a dkp site as well as the usual raid statistics on wow meter online. We havent yet started to use dkp in earnest but the info has already been mentioned as a guideline when someone let loot go


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