Feral dps, arp

Im getting close to switching to ARP on my cat gear. Been reading some on EJ on cats and some on combat ratings. There is blogged a lot on arp etc on the net. I’ll try to update this post soon with acompilation of links on this.

Im pugging the bloody FoS HC instance every day to get the Needle-Encrusted Scorpion but have not even had the luck to see it drop even once yet. If I get it my ARP soft cap ought to be 722 arp.

Today, in my agi gemmed and agi trinketed cat gear I have about 392 arp even witout the Banner of Victory  equipped.

I have the Sunreaver’s assassins gloves in the bank which would be a great contribution to my arp set but that would net a sour loss of about 50 hit rating which I would have to compensate from other sources in order to still keep my hit cap.

Hmm, the Badge of Triumph trinket with 120-ish hit rating might be an option. It would be quite irritating though to mess with the trinket slots as I really would like to have the arp-trinkets (Needle and Banner) in the end. I might go with the hit trinket in the end anyhow as the cat burglar’s grips is my end BiS anyway…

I will have to do some more theory crafting on my end gear


1 Comment

  1. yrkoonia said,

    January 12, 2010 at 09:09

    Note to self:
    16 runs of FoS, no trinket dropping yet.

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