Feral tanking doubts

I on the other hand are having doubts on my feral tank gear. I have more or less socketed +20 agi on red slots to make my feral gear better on threat and as cat and damage contribution instead of just stupidly put +30 sta into everything. But on Festergut last raid I died several times and appearantly my healers cant focus enough to keep me alive with such a rather small health pool.

I make me very sad to think that I will be forced to jump onto the stamina train that everyone is talking so warmly about. My cat gear will take a serious dent until but my dps:ing days in the guild seems to be at end any ways so I might just as well go full tank and buy some healing gear and respec to healer for my 2nd spec for personal farming of frost emblems.

I have almost three hundred triumph badges just waiting to be spent, and I can easily update my healing set to full T9 with trinkets and rings and all. Hmm..  I just might do that.

I have some thoughts on changing my tanking spec to include some other talents when I choose to go full stamina. Master Shapeshifter for threat and/or King of the Jungle for better off tanking cat utility. King of the jungle will be a very good talent when I get the 4 peice T10 set bonus in the end and I can somehow squeze in the cheaper energy on shred talent I can more or less go adequate cat with my tanking spec.

A good time to change to full stamina would when I buy my second piece of T10 loot. Im somewhere between 25- and 30 Frost embelms now and hopefully I can get 60 in the middle of next week if all goes well. With 2 piece set bonus I get another 20% threat increase on my AoE-tanking and that are the biggest problems I foresee with a all stamina tanking set.


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