Yrkoonia the tree

Yrkoonia has once more started to heal.

As I “destroyed” my feral gear with blue stamina gems in most slots in order to become a more capable tank my cat gear suddenly become rather weak. No way that I would be invited into any 25 man ICC pug with that weak gear. Even as it was earlier I was often one with the lowest gearscore I found out after my raid inspect.

If I knew I would get invites with my bad cat gear I most probably wouldn’t change my off spec to healer. No problems though I found out, again,  that healing is quite fun and exhilarating. 🙂

I took all my triumph badges and bought healing gear.
New idol, two new rings, fours set T9 (leggings, hands, chest & shoulders) and dusted off all other healing off spec gear I had stashed in my bank. I kept my Ony 25 man head I got in a pug (better than my feral helm in other words, doh!).

I’ve spent a lot of emblems and could afford it all from the beginning and went bear for another 5 runs the other night and collected all I needed. Some travel to collect shoulder and head boosts as well as AH revelry in buying gems and enchants. It did of course cost some money, but why just hoard it 😀

I then queued for another random HC as healer and found out just how frustrating it can be when you dont decide the pace yourself when not tanking. The first two instances was no fun experiences as the tank and some dps was not up to par with my standards. No offence I can be quite tolerating with slacker dps who turn up with bad gear and dont pull especially big numbers on the dps-meters. I have never even given it a though of voting such players out.  I demand a lot more of tanks and healers!

I have a healing set gear score of ~4600 according to my gs addon and was given much praise from the tank and dps on my first run as healer in Halls of Reflection as they thought I was very good to be able to heal that well with my bad gear. I was a bit surprised as I dont think that 4 set T9 and some ilvl 245 items coupled with ilvl 226 and 232 is to be considered “not enough” to heal a HC dungeon, even the fabled pug killer HoR.

We did wipe once though on the first event as some mobs aggrod on my healing and forced me to heal my self more than the tank initially. God I hate the stand in the corner strategy!. I couldnt keep him alive when some of the hots later were supposed to be renewed. Its quite easy to heal when you focus enough as druid to hot everyone before they take damage. But if you slack and your hots drop off it’s VERY hard to get back on track and gets full hots rolling again. The less hots you have, the more direct healing you need to compensate with and with more direct healing you dish out it becomes much harder to apply hots. Your GCDs is very restrictive. 🙂

Hopefully I can get into some pug ICC 25 later this week and find out how well I manage to keep up with better geared healers


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