Yrkoonia the raid-healing tree

I got invited as healer to a guild-run of ICC yesterday. unfortunately it didn’t went well, not well at all.

It was 24 people from the Holland Bier Team guild and me. I had the lowest gear score of all in the raid, my measly 4705 in healing gear was the lowest but I think it went quite nice if I only look to my performance.

We had 5 healers and on the trash before Marrowgar it went well. Me and another resto druid topping the healing meters. Wild Growth ftw.

We wiped 5 times on Marrowgar and the raid disolved. bah! It was clearly a healing problem mostly, of course the bone spikes could go down a lot faster, but too litlle healing was available. Tanks died when healers got spiked, spiked players died without any recieved healing etc… I was obviously a part of that problem as I played a healer but if mostly felt like a bringing too few healers to the raid combined with lacking coordination. I wanted to speak up and come with some suggestions of alternate tactics etc, but I kept my mouth shut… this was a guild run, they ought to have everything sorted out.

I hadnt checked out what kind of progress they have in 25man, probably none in ICC is my guess. They were too well equipped to be alts is at least my guess, they probably raid 10man with their best players and the mass of the guild is probably too inexperienced or bad players to take on “end game content”.

Too bad, I raided further in ICC 25 in pure pug raids. But I got myself a rep run at least. extremely annoying as I almost got a place in the Evil Eye (most prominent horde raiding guild on my server) but just before I was bout to get invited another EE player logged on and took the last raiding spot. Bah! 8 emblems lost 😦

I’m now at 59 Frost Emblems…  1 daily HC from 2set bonus on T10 🙂


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