Change of mind

I came to the conclusion that I (probably) made an error when I decided what ICC-gear I should buy for my emblems of frost.

Two weeks back I decided to go for a a 4 set bonus T10 (which In see that I appearantly forgot to blog about) in conjunction with buying the ilvl264 sack of wonder from AH our thru connections with a end-game raiding guild. Head, Shoulders, Gloves and Leggings was to be bought. And after collection my first 95 badges I bought myself a pair of new leggings. 

After some discussions with a friend as well as some theorycrafting with the RAWR application (extremly good app) I concluded that it would have been better to gor for higher ilvl on assorted pieces instead of getting the 4-set-T10-bonus.

I was quite irritated on this for a few hours and before logging off yesterday I made a GM petition where I begged for reimbursement for my T10 leggings.

I didn’t honestly think that the GMs would grant me my wish as my, not much, experience of GM work and helpful manner was not the best. Most often there just is some sort of denial thru a standarlized letter.

But I was pleasantly surprised as I got 95 frost emblems in the mail this morning and the cold winds of Coldarra made the skin of my bare legs grow goose bumbs. I must have had the good luck to catch a GM when he was in a good mood.



1 Comment

  1. dvotee said,

    January 21, 2010 at 16:12

    I would say, wow getting 95 emblems back……..Maybe he was on a promise or something 😉

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