I saw it for the first time live today.

I stood shining and oiled in a display case far behind the counter. Two armed guards never went far from the vicinity. I looked at the price tag and inhaled sharply, eyes wide open.


I made up my mind there on the spot. Gestured the auction hall clerk and made a minimum bid on 13 999 gold. As he took my money and went away to note it in a ledger I quickly changed my mind again.
“Excuse me sir, I take it right away on buy out. Here are the rest of the money”

Yrkoonia is now dressed in the fantastic Ikfirus’s Sack of Wonder

Now, how to socket…   aaah the headache… 🙂

Updated 2010 01 22:
I used a Nightmare Tear a Shifting Dreadstone and a Solid Dragons Eye to get the socket bonus


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