Plan, tank gear

Shortly, this is my plan for tanking gear:

Buy from AH;

  • Ikfiru’s Sack of Wonder,   done
    Extremly good ilvl264 tanking chest

Get Primordial Saronite and other stuff to be able to craft;

  • Leggings (8 saronites)
  • Boots (5 saronites) 

Collect Emblems of Frost to buy the following;

  • Vengeful Noose, ilvl264 belt  done
  • Cat Burglar’s Grips, ilvl264 gloves  done
  • tanking cloak, ilvl264
  • T10 Head
  • T10 Shoulders
  • tanking trinket, ilvl264

1 Comment

  1. yrkoonia said,

    January 25, 2010 at 10:51

    Note to self:
    tanking cloak, ilvl264
    …is now bought with frost emblems

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