Yrkoonia the cat


Last night I got the opportunity to join a ICC 25 run of the lower spire. The most prominent horde guild on my server, Evil Eye, was launching a alt raid and there were a few empty spots left that I was lucky enough to squeze into.

I went cat as tanks and healers was already sorted. I quickly ported to Moonglade and dumped my healing spec for an optimized cat spec. Thanks to the Talented addon it’s very easy to swap talent spec etc. and I was quickly summoned into ICC and the first trash started to go down.

I was not too bad, even if I wasnt one of the most prominent damage dealers. I think I had a place around 10:th on damage done after all trash up to Marrowgar.  We wiped a few times on a two tank strategy when bone spike hit. The healing outage was enough to doom the tanks as saber lash damage was too high with only two tanks.

I looked on the damage meter after the second try and was a bit downstruck with my rather poor performance. Then it hit me. I hadnt changed glyphs yet. Oops, dps:ing as cat with glyphs of wild growth, swiftmend and nourish. Bah! bad kitty.

I stoned back to Dalaran, took a portal to UC and went to the AH and quickly bought a savage roar and rip glyph, I already had shred and mangle glyphs as backup in my inventory and was packing correct glyphs in the next pull. We downed him after about 4 wipes. Damage on spikes were too low on a bit too many people and we switched to a three tank strat eventually.

We then oneshotted Lady Deathwhisper, Gunship and Deathbringer Saurfang and all in all eight new frost emblems for my happy druid as well as the 25man version of  [Storming the Citadel] and [I’ve Gone and Made a Mess].

No loot for me though, but I was happy for the achievements and the extra emblems. I rolled 95 on the imba DPS-trinket from Saurfang but it went as reserved to one of the Evil Eye mains in the raid.

As the Saurfang encounter more or less is a the new Patchwerk benchmark I was able to note a new DPS record with 7056 (I placed 6th on damage done on the saurfang encounter as I could focus solely on the boss instead of adds). It can of course be better with properly socketed gear. I used 3 tanking items (sack on chest, noose on belt and burglar’s grips on hands) with stamina gems in them.

I was surprised on how big difference in dps:ing with the cat rotation in this raid environment it was compared  to when I’m being my own mangle-bot in my usual 10-man enviornment. A fully ArP-gemmed gear would be better as I had almost no problems in keeping my rotation optimal and intact in this 25-man raid environment with trauma warriors onboard. The shred glyph was quite nice as I added ~6 secs to my rip damage debuff.  Now I often had a lot of opportunities to even fire a off a ferocious bite quite often instead of struggeling with keeping up rip and savage roar.

I only sport about 550-600 ArP in my semi-bear-cat gear and it are more focused on agility in the pure cat items, if I would raid more often as cat with trauma warriors as partners I would probably once more switch to ArP-gems.


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