Mind Flayers a bit stuck on ICC progress (5/9)

We raided once more last friday (we have been able to get amazingly many raids going these last weeks) and we had a great raid setup. The average DPS was very high, the best healers and tanks were online etc. We hade more or less the best raid setup we can field.

We had a rather late start and used about 30min to clear out Naxx spider wing for the weekly raid boss as well as some achievements. We then headed to ICC and quickly  dispatched the bosses even if there were some hickups such as a wipe on Lady Deathwhisper and a quite ugly success on Gunship encounter as you can see on this youtube clip.

But at least we downed the bad guys up to Festergut and got the opportunity to wipe some and learn the ropes on Rotface. Third raid we came to this boss and still no success and even if we at least could see some improvments this time a best try were only at about 39%. It feels like there is quite some way too go before we can down him.

The combat logs can be seen here and the disappointing loot is found here.


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