On the verge of a break-through

Last week the Mind Flayers fielded a quite alt-ish raid. We did miss our MT warrior who were out flying and a star druid tree had parents visiting and thus we had shift a lot of people to unfamiliar roles. I main tanked on the druid and our holy paladin was forced into his mere 4900-isg gearscore prot gear. Our old healer the new born shadow priest was back on healing as well as our reluctant hybrid the elemental shammy who only been healing sporadically in the past and with little success.

Therefore I was happily surprised as we down boss after boss with almost no effort. We started a bit late with some Ulduar action to get the weekly raid boss as well as a few dps-race achievements, went in and one shotted the new VoA-boss Toravon (yiipeee, I got the T10 leggings) and the went into ICC.

A few scruffy kills and a few wipes but quick and concentrated execution led us up to and past Festergut once more and we had our best try so far on Rotface were we had him down to about 25%. I was truely amazed and very glad. This is most promising for the future when we dare ICC once more with an even better raid set up. A lot of praise should go to the two rusty healers who saved the raid and led us onwards.

Wow, keep up the good work.


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