Skill > gear, but gear is needed too

Was very disappointed yesterday as I pugged ICC 10 lower spire with a rather ok geared pug. The players had a gearscore at about 5050-5400 and that should, on paper, be quite enough for the lower spire in my opinion.

But the three healers had problems healing, and with three healers instead of two nobody should die from bladestorm and such as I see it. But the biggest problem was the lack of good dps. With only 5 dps we couldn’t handle the adds on Lady Deathwhisper and after 4 wipes I prioritized other stuff than wow and logged off.

Bah! Very frustrating.

On a more uplifting subject, the Mind Flayers guild have recieved a few (1-2) new players as a old work colleague and his wife has transfered server and faction to join us. A warrior and a priest. This will probably make it a lot easier to get people to enlist for the raids and hopefully we can get raids going both more often (perhaps not really needed) and on time. Good with a few more options on tanks and healers as well.


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