The guild Mindflayers


The guild Mindflayers are as old as Bloodscalp EU,  if I remember correctly it was created the first evening when WoW was launched by a few fellow gamers that all knew each other IRL. Many of the players has from time to time been in other guilds in order to be able to raid end-game content but it have always been a secure home for many of our alts as well as the more casual players.

Today Mindflayers consist of about 15 players which mostly are IRL friends living in Goth0nburg, Sweden. 13 of these are now lvl 80 and has starting to raid in a very casual manner. Mid January 2009 and we are just starting to explore Naxxramas in the WotLK expansion, at the beginning of March and we successfuly cleared Naxx as well as Sarth and Malygos.

Managed to come as far as Miniron in Ulduar as of late August 2009.

Link to the Blizzards Bloodscalp EU forums


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