guild roster


  • Tank department:
    • Grimjack, Prot Warrior
      A well equipped tank with much experience. Was a bit blue on gear when we started to raid Naxx but have only a few drops left now. 
    • Yrkoonia, Feral Druid
      Well geared. Passable as both main tank or dps if the need should arise. Full T7
  • Healing department:
    • Krusty, Holy Priest
      I guess he’s the best equipped player in the guild as he participated in almost all of our 5-man-HCs etc.
    • Greyhoof, Restoration Druid
      A really skilled healer that undergeared healed several HCs when he freshly dinged 80. Is now quite well geared as well.
  • Damage output department:
    • Ernst, Survival Hunter
      The ace player when it comes to dps as well as other aspects of the game as this is a alt for that player. He plays a shadow priest in a “server first raiding guild” on our server
    • Waros, Paladin switcher (mostly retribution)
      A well decked paladin who more or less has as good retri gear as healing and tanking. Has successfully healed on one clear of Naxx and tanked a partial success. His former main was a prot warrior, but he has shown more skill in the healing department lately when he’s not dps:ing.
    • Nxu, Retribution Paladin
      This was an alt from the beginning but we concluded that a retri pally would be more useful than his Death Knight. Both characters are  very well equipped from a lot of pugged HCs.
    • Flowbam, Frost Mage
      Skilled theorycrafter that only participated in a limited way in HC-instances. He has gathered enough gear to successfully add good damage with ease in raids though.
    • Alduin, Elemental Shaman (secondary healer)
      Shines on the dps department even though his gear has some gaps.
    • Antiroyal, Enhancement Shaman
      Most gear comes from AH or soloing. Hasnt been involved in so much group activities.
    • Gríma, Rogue
      Rather slow to 80, and has not participated in many instances and as he mostly plays on the PVP scene I guess his hit rating is rather low
    • Grimreeper, hunter
      Has had the fortune to grab a lot of gear on only a few raids, but his performance is quite lacking so far.
    • Grafton, mage 
      More or less green/blue geared and newly dinged 80 and only participated in one Naxx raid

“Casuals” (ie. slow levellers)

  • Palfy, Paladin
  • Moosalot, Death Knight


“Usable lvl 80 alts”

  • Paa, DPS Deathknight, (Nxu)
  • Grimage, Arcane Mage, (Grimajck)
  • Ursut, Prot warrior (Waros)
  • Soraw, Prot Paladin, (Ernst)
  • Bronx, Moonkin Druid (Ernst)

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