My druid – Yrkoonia…

About my druid toon in WoW…

Yrkoonia is my character in World of Warcraft.
She is a level 80 Female Tauren Feral  Druid.
Cant wait to try my healing skills though…  dual-specc is wanted… 

She has her home on Bloodscalp – EU and was created back in classic Wow, eventhough she wasnt my first character she have been my main since mid-classic, thru TBC and now on WotLK.

Leveled from 1-60 (feral kinda sucked back then) and healed all 5man content before I started to raid with some IRL friends. We joined swedish/scandinavian guild called Northbreed that more or less got disbanded after a lot of members left the server ’cause of the lag and queue times back then. Northbreed downed Ragnarosin Molten Core  as well as Nefarian in Black Wing Lair. I remember these old times as good and did very much enjoy the life as class leader for the druids in my guild. Some guild drama etc. but overall a pleasant experience.

As Nortbreed disbanded I got the opportunity to join the top Horde on the server, Evil Eye. Due to my personal IRL situation I quitted raiding before it even started in Evil Eye as I got a baby son as well as bought a house with my wife. Back then they didnt tolerate any hangarounds in their 1337 hard core raiding guild so I went back to my IRL friends causal guild called Mindflayers that only consist of about 10-15 people. This was more or less in the beginning of TBC.

Most of the TBC was played as feral apart from a attempt to  PVP in arena as well as battlegrounds. I tanked all dungeons as well as heroics with my trusty band of guildies. We also did Karazhan in the end (when most of us was decked out in badge-epics or PVP-epics) and downed all execpt Nightbane. Some of the guild players took a break and therefore we didnt even got to Zul Aman (even tough I did it myself in PUGs etc). As you understand we are a very casual guild.

In the arena I managed to get as high as 1749 in rating as my personal best in season 4.  Mostly as a healer with my warrior friend. Not espescially good if you are to believe forum trolls that state that druid/warrior should easily manage 2k-ratings. Sure there where room for improvement, but also a understanding from our part that it was in no way easy. I guess I would rank myslef as a semi-mediocre PVPer.

Been Feral so far in WotLK and managed to ding 80 in about three weeks after the expansion hit the shelves.  Tanked and DPSed all dungeons in Northrend so far as well as all heroics.  I have tanked OS10/OS25, Naxx10, EoE10, VoA10/VoA25 and several Ulduar bosses as well as some in the new ToC10.

Yrkoonia has around ~6200 Achievement Points as of late August 2009

Achievements  Alts Achievements > Alts

On the profession side Im a Alchemy (transmuter) and Jewelcrafter. I had planned for Leatherworking as my second profession, but the lack of BoP gear in WotLK made me change my mind to the more money lucrative JC.

Here is my armoury profile: EU Armoury


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