To Do list

Short term goals:

This is the tasks I should work on at  a daily basis:

While Solo I try to work on these goals:

  • High Priority:
    • Jewel crafting daily
  • Lesser Priority:
    • Finish off the Icecrown quests

While grouping I will try to do the following:

  • High Priority:
    • Daily HC for Triumph badges
  • Lesser Priority:
    • Finsih the HC achievements I still have done
    • Keepers of Time rep to Exalted


Long time goals:

Sooner or later I would like to accomplish the following:

  • Solo:
    • Drop Frenzyheart and start on my Oracles rep
    • Get the last 10k of ZG rep
  • While grouping:
    • Get the Classic Raider achievment (AQ40)
    • Get some Molten Core runs made to get the last 4k rep needed

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